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News from the Workshop: Where have I been and where am I going? 
10th-Feb-2013 07:04 pm
Clockwork Firebird

Hello again! It's time for another update, one that has been rather delayed I feel. But, I hope you can forgive the Clockwork Critter a bit of silence, it's been very busy here!
Firstly, and possibly the most important:
We have a new website
Built by Harry Bentley, in a new-and-shiny WordPress format, it promises to be easier to update and keep on top of adding new items, and it also looks stunning. The old HTML/Frames site still exists and will be changed to a re-direct page once I have a complete grasp of the new site.
As with the old site, you can't order items and there is no shopping cart function. What the website is for is to show all the things that I can make for you, with their relevant price options. I'm still a one-bird operation, so all my items made for stock go straight onto the Etsy shop at the moment.

Second most important announcement: Despite what the banner on the website may say, I am currently FULL/CLOSED for Commission orders until the end of April!
This is because most of my current work has a deadline of Profound Decisions' "Empire" Event 1, as well as other events which I shall detail below. I cannot take on any more commission work and make my trade stock for those events. I can still take emails and discuss orders with you if you wish to contact me now, but no work can start until the end of April at the earliest.

Ark! Ark! Art..! By Megan Williams.

What else? Oh yes! Where can you find the Firebird this year? After a rather bleak Christmas season thanks to the weather and bits of me complaining so much that I wish I could replace them with clockwork, I am happy to announce that I have confirmed to book/am in the process of booking the following events:
-Picocon - 16th - 17th of February - NEXT WEEKEND! - Imperial College, London
These guys were fantastic fun last year and I'm very happy to be going back! And hey, their T-Shirt this year even has a Firebird on it.
-Sunnycon - 23rd - 24th of March - Sunderland
This will be my first Sunnycon attendance, as they are only in their second year themselves. Sporting a HUGE dealer's hall, I will be trading next to the wonderful Tab of Khaos Komix.
-Insurrection LARP Event 9 - 19th - 20th of April - Markfield
I have booked to crew this event again, their team is professional, fun, and really knows how to run a game. 
-Clockwork Watch - 4th of May - London (?)
The second Clockwork Watch event, I shall be attending as a trader if I can sort out my travel logistics. This event will also feature Professor Elemental performing an evening show.
-ConFuzzled 2013 - 30th of May - 3rd of June - Leicestershir
This is going to be the longest convention I will ever have done. I will be in the Dealer's Den across all the days that it is open, as well as being social with people outside of the Dealer's Den hours. People appearing with sugar and caffeine would be most appreciated!
Incidentally I am also looking for room share options within the venue, or for room sharers in hotels nearby.

...And that's it for now! Any questions, etc, can be directed to my email at ephyn DOT designs AT gmail DOT com. I will be returning to the kit/costume/WIP progress updates as usual.
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