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News from the Workshop: Event Report - Picocon 30 - Resurrections!  
18th-Feb-2013 08:12 pm
Clockwork Firebird

There was an event! It was my first one of the year! I have just returned from Picocon 30 - Resurrections, down in Imperial College, London.

Thank you to everyone who came by and said hello, it was lovely meeting some old friends and meeting new people as well. I am sorry that Sunday was a bit on the dark side, as we only found out where the lights were at about lunch time. Still, I am glad I brought my LED fairy lights for the stall.

Picocon this year was a two day event as opposed to a one day event, featuring guest panels, the writer's workshop, library access with DVDs on show, LAN gaming, and the traditional 'Harmless Fun' and 'Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise' (this year sadly lacking the liquid nitrogen, but making up for it with an even larger hammer). There were also NERF fights going on, which was mostly my fault, oh well!

As always, the staff and crew were polite and helpful, and did whatever they could to make life easier for the traders. Any issues - like the lights - were venue based, where the venue appeared to have forgotten that we were going to be there for two days. I am very much looking forward to next year and making a regular attendance at Picocon.

I am back in the Workshop as of Thursday, and will be in full production again by Friday, ploughing on with the current commissions and stock-making for the next even, which will be Sunnycon. I'm meant to be taking part in their costume competition, and I sense a lot of sleepless nights ahead as I make things. This is going to be fun...

Ark! Ark! Art..! By Megan Williams.
What's next? Where am I going? Here's a giant list:
-Sunnycon - 23rd - 24th of March - Sunderland
This will be my first Sunnycon attendance, as they are only in their second year themselves. Sporting a HUGE dealer's hall, I will be trading next to the wonderful Tab of Khaos Komix.
-Insurrection LARP Event 9 - 19th - 20th of April - Markfield
I have booked to crew this event again, their team is professional, fun, and really knows how to run a game.
-Clockwork Watch - 4th of May - London (?)
The second Clockwork Watch event, I shall be attending as a trader if I can sort out my travel logistics. This event will also feature Professor Elemental performing an evening show.
-ConFuzzled 2013 - 30th of May - 3rd of June - Leicestershir
This is going to be the longest convention I will ever have done. I will be in the Dealer's Den across all the days that it is open, as well as being social with people outside of the Dealer's Den hours. People appearing with sugar and caffeine would be most appreciated!

As always, and emails/questions can be directed to EPHYN [DOT] DESIGNS [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM
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