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New Look! And hopefully more updates... 
6th-Sep-2013 01:25 am
Clockwork Firebird

 Hello! I finally updated the LiveJournal and I'm playing about with various themes and layouts to try and make it a bit easier to navigate my reviews, event feedback and posts about new kit. Currently we're on the 'orange-y thing' layout whilst I try and find something with a calendar, tags and recent posts list that is in a less offensive set of colours. Suggestions most welcome!

Ark! Ark! Art..! By Megan Williams.

The hope for this blog is that I will update it in batches when I can, so that people can use the tags to navigate through and find reviews/specific events that they would like to read about, rather than manually scrolling all the way through. We'll see how well this works and if by the new year it's still a mess I'll be moving to a different blog site.

Commissions are currently OPEN for the Winter 2013 period, and I have a few slots available. I am able to take on small-medium size items all the time over the Winter period, please email me for more details.

As always, and emails/questions can be directed to EPHYN [DOT] DESIGNS [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM
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